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Selecting the right or wrong type of entertainment can make or break an event. That is why we offer professional entertainers specifically trained for Guest Arrival, Cocktail-Dinner hour, and Dance Time!


Meet our Party Starters.

It’s time to dance and now your special day enters in Carnaval Mode!

Vegas Showgirls

party motivator | greet & mingle

Our Vegas Showgirls are a perfect way to bring your party to life. Dressed in flashy feathers, plunging necklines and rhinestone-covered bras, our showgirls always give a genuine performance every time.

LED Dancers

party motivator | hora loca

Light up your party with our beautiful Multicolor LED Dancers. These are an excellent form of LED entertainment. With an extremely detailed LED robotic suit, these performers will dance, jump and boom excitement for one hour non-stop.

Brazilian Dancers

party motivator | hora loca

Bring the traditional dance of Rio de Janeiro to your party. Prepare to be hypnotized as our entertainers take the floor. Flashing lights, exquisitely toned bodies and some serious hip shaking skills are all part of the fun.

Cuban Rumberas

party motivator | hora loca

When we speak of Cuban Music we cannot forget the Rumba and its Beautiful Rumberas. Wearing their typical outfits our Rumberas are the special ingredient for a one nonstop hour of entertainment.

Female & Male LED Robots

party motivator | hora loca

Our LED Robots will definitely take your Hora Loca to a whole new level. Packed with full of bright LED lights from top to bottom and built in lasers, these performers will definitely make your guests stand up from their seats and party the night away.

Roving Drummers

party motivator | hora loca

Our energetic, enthusiastic, professional and highly skilled drummers are perfect for creating a musical impact at your Hora Loca moment. Making an impressive entrance with beautiful dancers will lift the energy of your guests instantaneously.

Stilt Walkers

party motivator | greet & mingle

Our Stilt Walkers are a great way to entertain large volume of people without setting up a stage. If you want to capture the attention and curiosity of your party guests, send in these 10ft. tall Stilt Walkers with the costume of your choice.

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We offer a fast and clear booking process. First, review our pricing list, then request availability, and last reserve your options.

Meet our Greet and Mingle performers.

First impressions last forever. Your every guest should be welcomed as your only guest.

Glamorous Greeters

beautiful & sophisticated

Hire our beautiful greeters to welcome guests at the main entrance. No matter what theme you have chosen for your social or corporate event, our costume designer will dress the greeters perfectly for the occasion.

Human Red Carpet

Add a touch of glamour

Welcome your guests as if they were your only guests with our glamorous Human Red Carpet. Our lady stands tall with a sophisticated beautiful dress which flows into a 40ft long real red carpet. 

Champagne Skirt

artistic & elegant

Greet your guests with our lovely Champagne Skirt Girl as they arrive to your event! We carrie a big costume selection to match any party theme. Skirt holds up to 100 champagne glasses. 

Human Tables


Greet your guests upon arrival with a gorgeous human strolling table serving glasses of bubbly champagne. Our glamorous tables can hand out items like place cards, name badges, candy, cigars, casino chips, programs and much more…

Mirror Stilt Walkers

Shimmering Sky Walkers

Our radiant mirrored stilt performers are a fusion of art, light, and elegance. Perfect for outdoor events, these dazzling figures capture the sun’s brilliance and reflect it in a mesmerizing dance of shimmering patterns. Their towering presence offers unparalleled photo opportunities, ensuring unforgettable memories. Let them mingle, captivate, and illuminate your event, making it the talk of the town!”

Disco Ball Girls

Dazzling Disco Delight

Bring the disco era back to life with our Disco Ball Girls, whose glittering costumes and dynamic presence turn any event into a vibrant dance celebration. Perfect for themed parties and corporate events, they ensure an unforgettable night of shimmer and excitement.

LED Tray Girls

Brighten up your event

Our LED Tray Girls can greet guest and walk around with a themed costume along with their multicolored LED trays. The trays can be filled with whatever you like and they can be customized. Choose from a big collection of costumes to match your theme.

Roller Fun Girls

skilful & visually appealing

Roller Girls are amazing performers for roving sets during events and festivals. Popular costumes for our roving skaters include Disco, 80’s rock and Football cheerleaders plus many more.

Body Painted Models


Our models can be one of the most artistic and eye-catching ways to promote your event, business or product! Demanding to be noticed, body painting models are living art that can be used to promote almost anything!

Book our greet and mingle performers now!

We offer a fast and clear booking process. First, review our pricing list, then request availability, and last reserve your options.

Enjoy our Specialty Acts and Shows.

Grab everyone’s attention when adding a specialty act to your event. Ideal for cocktail hour.

Fire Performers

mind blowing moves & tricks.

This mesmerizing performance will leave your audience in wonder as the dancer and flame become one. Costumes, music, and skill are combined to create an unforgettable experience.


breathtaking strength & grace.

Aerial Art by its very nature pushes the boundaries of physical limitation and bring new meaning to the elegance of effortlessness. Our aerial acts are a celebration of the human form in all of its grace, power and sexual bravery.

Charming Mermaids

bring excitement & fiction

Are you looking to fascinate your guests? Add a splash of magic to your party with our Charming Mermaids. As living statues, these romantic beauties bring fantasy to life. Perfect for pool parties, corporate events, birthdays, etc.

Hula Hoop Dancer

lots of impressive tricks

Hula Hooping their way around your event, our Hula Hoop performers will impress with their exciting routines and create incredible visual aesthetics that are bound to impress your guests. Choose from LED hula hoops, fire hula hoops, and colored hoops.

Belly Dancers


Get lost in their enchanting dances and colourful outfits that really capture the essence of belly dancing’s Arabic roots. Our amazing belly dancers perform engaging and riveting routines that are sure to be a popular aspect of your event.

Circus Jugglers

captivate the whole audience

Jugglers are perfect for any type of event . These performers are a fantastic mix and mingle act and they happily move amongst your guests interacting and demonstrating their skills as they go.

Club Vibe Dancers

elegance, sexiness, and energy

Our professional Club Dancers add high energy and sensuality to any size venue. With a huge collection of outfits and styles, you can ensure our dancers will blend perfectly with your party theme and venue decor.

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