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Hi there!

Below you’ll see how our booking process works. Three simple steps created with your convenience in mind.

1. Choose Performers

You probably reviewed our price list and at this stage you have an idea of which performers are the best options for your guests and your budget.

Now it’s time to let us know the following:
  • Which performers and how many you’d like to book.
  • Starting and ending time.
  • Your event theme-decor.
Then, we’ll do the following:
  • Check availability for selected performers.
  • We guide you on selecting the right costumes for your theme.

2. Receive Final Price

As you saw on our price-list, we charge per performer individually. We do not offer packages. This is because we consider you should build your own package based on your budget and not the other way around.

Although you already know the prices, we’ll send you a proper quote which might include any customization required by you or travel fees if the event location is far from our Miami Location.  

This way you know exactly how much you’ll have to pay. No hidden costs.

3. Secure Performers

If you are happy with our quote, it’s time to move forward with the reservation. 

To secure our performers, we both must sign a simple agreement. A deposit is also required and it’s calculated based on the total price and the proximity to the event date.
At this point we’ll do the following:
  • Ask you to fill out a short online form with the info we need for the service agreement.
  • Send you the agreement digitally so you can sign it with your mobile phone.
  • Send you an invoice so you can pay the deposit.

That's all. It's time to relax - we've got this!

At this point you just booked our performers and there’s nothing more you should worry about. We’ll carefully select and schedule the right talent and we’ll assign to your event the costumes you chose to match your theme-decor.


Most frequent questions about our booking process.

Yes you can. We actually suggest to reserve performers as soon as you can. Although we have a big team of performers, some specialty acts, props and special costumes are limited.

We accept checks, credit cards, and Zelle. Your most convenient payment.

We carry a $2,000,000 USD liability insurance which can be increased if the venue requests. Most event venues require that we show proof of insurance so with time in advance we’ll provide a certificate of insurance (COI) specifically for that particular venue.

That is no problem at all. We ask you an approximate time and we reserve your performers for that part of the day. We will specify in the agreement that the exact time has to be confirmed 2 to 3 weeks prior to the event date.

You can always give us a call or contact us directly via text, email, or WhatsApp. We’ll reach out to you days before the event just to let you know that everything is set and on-track for your event. Just to give you peace of mind.

On the day of, our performers will call the point of contact assigned to us upon arrival. Our performers will get into the designated room so they can start preparing themselves and change into costume. We ask the performers to arrive 45 min. to 1 hour earlier even though that’s more than enough time for them to get ready. We do this to avoid late starts due to traffic or any other inconvenience they may have.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions you can call, text, or WhatsApp at any time.

Have any question?

Reach out to us directly.

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